We all want a better world. And we all know that it can be better. The role of our studio is to realize the dreams of each one, eventually producing a better world ... because we believe that the role of architects is to innovate and break down barriers between creative disciplines, thus materializing dreams that recreate this world ... The studio GRAU.ZERO is geared towards the realization of ideas and projects in several areas. Our ambition is to continue to challenge conventions and redefine boundaries. Highly creative and imaginative, we live from a proactive attitude and are committed to designing buildings, spaces and places that are innovative. That are economically, socially and environmentally responsible. We focus mainly in the principles of using all national materials and products, as well as the reforestation of spaces designed by us in order to minimize our ecological footprint. The name of our studio comes from a studio project methodology. Thus relates to the beginning of each project. An emptiness for reference, forgetting lines of identifiable continuity. The studio's portfolio consists of interventions that cut across various scales, acting from small interior projects to urban planning ranging from residential buildings, tourism, offices as well as indoors spaces (such as restaurants, bars and commercial spaces).
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Escola Superior Gallaecia
casa souto do cerco
Hotel Santa Bárbara
loja bettina
casa sglight

casa padreiro II
Casa Chainça
casa padreiros I
Aldeamento das Magnólias
casa mosteiró
Casa Bruno Alves
escritórios henup
Maçães e Costa
Casa Adães
casa porto2007
Casa Miguel Torres
loja d'adélia
edifício do castelo
Ap. Praia
spoon food and wine
casa moleiros
sapataria babouche


  • Largo Alexandre Sá Pinto, 44
  • Armazém A3
  • 4050-027 Porto
  • GPS: 41° 9'12.48"N 8°37'25.52"W
  • Tel. +351 22 093 99 09
  • Fax: +351 22 093 99 09
  • e-mail:
  • Skype: GRAU.ZERO architecture
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When thinking about architecture, we are repeatedly referred to the figure of the "architect author", the artist ... Since this is a fact, however architecture is much more than this image.
Architecture is anything but a solitary activity! The ideas start from where we least expect and from whom we least expect. Therefore, thanks go to all those who in one way or another helped us to have foresight, to see what was there before us. It is a group of men and women since its inception, propose to create, from the design phase in the studio, past the bricklayers, carpenters and locksmiths to the cleaning company's work, that contribute so that each project be unique. We learn a lot in every new project because there are new people, new attitudes, new ways of living and seeing life.
We are a complete team, a team that compliments each other. For all that we have done and still have much to do, here are my thanks to everyone that has accompanied and helped us over the years.
To all my best wishes

Sérgio Manuel Nobre